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   Izar is an epic saga about a knight, a classical
role-playing game with turn-based combat!

You will travel through its magic world in real time,
fighting for ancient artifacts and collecting materials
for building your own castle.
During combat, the game switches to the tactical mode.
All combat takes place in restricted locations
in the turn-based mode.

Game features:
Tactical combat involving attack and control spells.
Building a castle to upgrade your troops.
Building a mages tower to unlock new spells.
Free navigation through the game world with dozens of
fantastic locations.

Izar screenshots

  Kings Hero 2 in progress
   Some new features:
  • Castle building
  • Upgrade your units
  • Collect resources
  • More complicated quests
  • Enchanged graphics
  • 10 maps per each Sun, Snow and Lava worlds
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